Lotus award

The Mission Hospice Lotus Award was created in 2005 to recognize individuals who have shown outstanding support of the organization. The award is presented each year at our anniversary event.

Sheila and Jim

Lotus Award Recipients
Sheila Young (2020)
Mary Chigos (2018)
Michael Teutschel (2017)
Kathryn Breaux
Rev. Walter Johnson
June Field and Alice Flynn (2014)
Juanita Andersen (2013)
Dr. Stephen Weller (2012)
Karen Leonardini (2011)
Robert Sawyer (2010)
Marian Soss (2009)
Rev. Stuart Coxhead (2007)
John Nash (2006)
Adella Harris (2005)


Special Recognition Award Recipients
Patricia Matthews (2020)
Peninsula Health Care District (2018)
Dr. Gary Pasternak (2017)
Sequoia Healthcare District (2016)
Sovereign Order of St. John (2015)
“Night of Fun” Planning Committee (2014)
Mission Hospice Auxiliary (2012)
Borel Bank (2011)
Karri Kaiser (2010)
Carol Gray (2009)