Board of Directors

Mission Hospice & Home Care is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors, all of whom volunteer their time and energy to ensure that we continue to offer the finest professional care to our patients and families. 

Robert J. Simon, Chair
Michael A. Kadel, Vice Chair
Gregory A. LeClaire, Treasurer
Wendy C. Chow, JD, Secretary

Mukund Acharya, PhD
Armika J. Berkley
Stacy Blanchard
Daniel E. Cohn, JD
Shelby K. Decosta
Jeff Gerard
Tracy A. Hogan
Kate Jamentz
Swaminathan Jayaraman
Patricia A. Kendall
Karen May, PhD
Kenneth Meislin
Michelle S. Mourad, MD
Gerald R. Peters, JD
Rick Sanciangco
Scott Taylor Smith

Helen Lagen
Mac Nash