Administrative staff

Our dedicated administrative staff is committed to ensuring that our organization is professionally run, well-managed, and fiscally sound.

  • Dwight Wilson, RN

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Vallery Armas

    HR Coordinator
  • Susan Barber

    Community Education Manager
  • Frances Freyberg Blackburn

    Communications Director
  • Dianne Covolo

    Advanced Care Coordinator
  • Gary Cripps, RN, BSN, PHN

    Director of QA and Education
  • Carol Daly

    Contract and Procurement Manager
  • Maureen Dermenjian

    QA Manager
  • Anthony Doce

    Finance Specialist
  • Michelle Dupas

    ACP Administrative Assistant
  • Marsha Eddleman

    Development & Capital Campaign Director
  • Rani Ferreira

    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ashton Fulwood

    Ashton Fulwood

    IT Systems Specialist
  • Staff Member Photo

    Jaime Gaddi

    Maintenance, Mission House
  • Joshua Garcia

    Admistrative Support
  • Amber Guevara

    Advanced Care Coordinator
  • Shannon Hoy

    QA Statistician
  • Alex Ignacio

    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Irene Kanturek

    Administrative Assistant
  • Jatin Kumar

    Medical Records Manager
  • Nenita Lindo

    QA Specialist
  • Mary Matthiesen

    Community Engagement and Education Director
  • Cathy McDermott

    Annual Giving and Events Manager
  • Deborah Middleton

    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Irene Nasol

    Senior Director of Finance
  • Hank Nourse

    Volunteer Support
  • Jamie Ocampo

    Jaime Ocampo

    Medical Records Coordinator
  • Rafael Pebenito

    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Priya Prakash

  • Ryan Roque

    Clinical Administrative Support
  • Arleen Sandoval

    Hospice Billing Specialist
  • Craig Schroeder

    Volunteer Services Director
  • Michael Sucher

    IT Support
  • Constance Sweeney

    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Colleen Williams

    Administrative/Operations Coordinator
  • Carmelita Wood

    QA Auditor
  • Amanda Yang

    HR Coordinator