Coming together as a community during COVID-19

The entire Mission Hospice family is grateful for the many ways our volunteers, friends, and neighbors have come together to support our team, our patients, and their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Donations of masks, other personal protective equipment (PPE), and sanitizer

We are so thankful for donations from throughout our community of masks, face shields, and other PPE that help keep our clinical team – and our patients – safe. When this crisis began, our California Hospice Network partner Elizabeth Hospice was one of the first to donate masks when they learned we were in need. Volunteers have since sewn hundreds of homemade cotton reusable masks, shoe coverings, and even gowns for our staff, with more donations arriving each week. Other donations of PPE came from throughout the community, including the Belmont, Redwood Shores & San Carlos Chinese American Community, Bob Huie, and the Palo Alto Chinese American Community. 

College student Justin Levine, who is making face shields in his parents’ garage in San Carlos, has donated a set of face shields to the Mission House team, and is making more for the rest of our patient-facing staff. 

A volunteer who works at a UC Berkeley lab recently made and delivered two gallons of hand sanitizer for our team. And thanks to Seven Stills Distillery and generous contributions from the community, we recently picked up a donation of 22 large bottles of sanitizer.


Patient volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers have quickly adapted to meet the changing needs of patients and staff. They are going above and beyond to support patient families, including making phone visits and fulfilling shopping requests for families who cannot run essential errands for themselves. Many are writing cards and letters to our patients in facilities where visitors aren’t allowed. 

Our volunteer Angela has been helping our patient Barbara and her blind son process their mail. Now, Angela and Barbara’s son sit a safe distance apart on the front lawn, while he types in his braille typewriter… and Angela is able to wave at Barbara through the window. 


Teamwork and heart

The entire Mission Hospice team has demonstrated exceptional resilience and compassion as we adapt to serving patients in the time of COVID-19. We are learning as we go, and supporting one another as we navigate new work dynamics and challenging personal situations – all to provide the best care possible to our patients and families.

Bringing joy to patients

Girl Scout troop 62575 of San Mateo recently dropped off a full bag of bright and colorful letters for our patients. Troop member Tessa was “inspired to help bring joy to our patients” after witnessing her grandmother Patricia Matthews’ devotion as a direct care volunteer.

These are just a few of the many ways that our community has shown extraordinary support during a time of great fear and uncertainty. We are more proud than ever to be an independent, nonprofit, community-based hospice. Together, we are providing compassionate care and comfort when needed most.