June Field & Alice Flynn

February 2014

At Mission Hospice, patient care takes a village – those involved in direct care, as well as those dedicated to behind-the-scenes support and fundraising. Two very special members of that village – both a part of the Mission Hospice Auxiliary – were honored in January with the Lotus Award.

At last month’s 35th anniversary celebration, the award was presented to not one but two individuals whose volunteer fundraising service on the Mission Hospice Auxiliary over the years has been exemplary: June Field and Alice Flynn.

Lotus Award committee chair Kate Breaux said that these two women, both of whom have been leaders in the Auxiliary for many years, are representative of a fabulous group of volunteers who have worked hard to support the work of Mission Hospice. “It’s really hard to think of the Auxiliary without June and Alice – they are both so supportive and so dedicated.”

June Field joined the Auxiliary in 1994 when she retired after many years of teaching kindergarten. “I didn’t even know what hospice was when I joined – but my friend Flo [Tyler] asked me to join her in this fabulous group,” says June. “It’s such a nice group of people – we really have fun together.”

“From the inception, June was involved in all aspects of the Auxiliary,” said Kate. “Her positive spirit and attitude make everything seem possible.”

Over the past 19 years, June has done everything from ordering supplies, handwriting bereavement letters, and helping organize the Auxiliary’s annual fundraising gala. She served as the Auxiliary President three times.

As one of the longest-serving members of the Auxiliary, June has become a mentor to newer volunteers, helping them understand the history of the organization’s success over the years.

Another long-serving Auxiliary volunteer, Alice Flynn joined the group in 1999 along with her sister Margaret. Like June, she was recruited to the Auxiliary by a friend. As a Pan Am alumna, Alice has been instrumental in gaining the charitable support of World Wings International, an organization of former Pan Am employees.

In addition to serving as president from 2002-2004, Alice has devoted herself to recruiting sponsors for the annual fall gala. “Alice constantly comes up with creative, successful events to raise money to support our work,” said Kate. “She really puts herself out there and – like June –has been integral to the success of the Auxiliary.”

As it happens, June and Alice are also good friends – something that’s common among these hard-working Auxiliary members. “There are so many wonderful women who make the Auxiliary successful,” said Kate, and it’s really satisfying to be able to honor two special members of this group that works so hard to support the work of Mission Hospice.”