Merger update: A partnership around the Bay

July 2024

Last December, Mission Hospice merged with By the Bay Health and Hope Hospice to become the largest independent nonprofit hospice network in northern California. Our organizations share a rich history of serving the Bay Area community; together, we can support even more adults, children, and families with hospice, palliative care, transitional care, and more – including increasing access to the Bay Area’s most vulnerable populations.

Leadership team

Our new larger team is organized into two service areas: North Market and South Market, which includes Mission Hospice’s service area in the Peninsula and South Bay, Hope Hospice in the East Bay, and By the Bay Health’s San Mateo presence.

Mission Hospice CEO Dolores Miller began her well-deserved retirement at the end of May; we thank her for her commitment to our extraordinary standard of care, and for her leadership over the past four years. Our new South Market group is led by SVP Jennifer Hansen, former CEO of Hope Hospice, who is committed to continuing our long history of compassionate care for our community. The entire organization is led by CEO Skelly Wingard, RN, PHN, MSN, who has worked in both clinical and administrative leadership roles in a variety of organizations.

The By the Bay Health board now includes former Mission Hospice board members Mukund Acharya, Stacy Blanchard, Jeff Gerard, and Kate Jamentz, who are working alongside former Hope Hospice board members to lead this larger combined organization.

Our entire staff, board, and volunteer team remains committed to providing personalized, compassionate care to patients and families around the Bay. Please know that your donations given in the name of Mission Hospice will be used to support patients and families throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay, and will continue to provide comfort, dignity, and peace to those facing life-limiting illness right here at home.