Take Charge Toolkit

Now what? Your Advance Health Care Directive reflects your perspectives, values, and decisions right now. These may change over time.

Be sure to review your documents at least once a year, any time your health condition changes, and after any major life events, such as marriage, birth of a child, significant illness, divorce, or death of a family member.

When you review your Advance Health Care Directive, ask yourself whether your health care agent is still available, and still the best choice.

When you do update your documents, be sure that you share your revisions with your doctor, your health care agent, and your loved ones. That’s the best way to make sure that they understand what matters most to you.


Use the Take Charge Toolkit to walk you through the steps of advance care planning whenever you make updates:

Step 1: Think about what matters most to you.
Step 2: Talk about your wishes with your family and friends.
Step 3: Choose your health care agent.
Step 4: Write it down – and share your plan.