Christine Ritzo, RN, BSN

ChrisGrew up: I was born and raised in San Mateo. My children were the third generation of our family born at Mills Memorial Hospital in San Mateo.

Joined Mission Hospice: Spring 2014

What led me to Mission Hospice: After working as a Home Health case manager for 25 years, with some middle management mixed in, I wanted to do something different. Mission Hospice presented me with an opportunity to get back to one-on-one interaction with patients, their families, our local physicians, and the support services community. It’s been a joy to be supporting a client from the start.

Mission Hospice in three words: Personalized compassionate care. 

Passions: My passions are family, friends and travel. Anytime I can travel with my husband and/or our children it’s an extra special event. Currently, family is my primary focus.

Reading: I am just finishing Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict. A Dickens’ novel or one by Jane Austen are often back up alternatives. I’m about halfway through David Copperfield at the moment. For a simple, youthful, happy escape I will pull The Secret Garden off the shelf. 

Desert island album: Going back to the 80s, I might say Billy Joel’s Innocent Man or Piano Man. For the 21st century, I’d pick Home by Diercks Bentley. More recently, almost anything Morgan Wallen touches is great.

Favorite foods: Chocolate is a dangerous downfall. Actually, sugar in general- way too many carbs!

Little known fact: There once was a time I could have considered playing tennis professionally. I probably would not have made the money I wanted, nor would a solid love and family life be easy, so I stayed on course with nursing. I never play tennis anymore.

Favorite movies: Any good sports, feel-good, happy ending movies are good emotional boosters. My top picks would be Field of Dreams, Sandlot, Rudy, and Hoosiers. The Sound of Music is an annual “must view.”

On my bucket list: More travel in the next decade — more of Europe, Canada, maybe Australia/ New Zealand.

More about me: I appreciate having the opportunity to talk with community members about their goals of care for the future – most often for preparation for the final stages of life. Everyone has a different vision and there is a level of support out there to meet each pathway. Helping them make connections that work for each individual is rewarding to me. 

December 2023

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