Bethany Berkowitz, RN, BSN, PHN

Grew up: Moss Beach, CA

Joined Mission Hospice: 2014

What led me to Mission Hospice: I started as a volunteer at Mission Hospice while I was attending nursing school, in order to learn more about end-of-life care, and I was really impressed by the holistic approach of hospice. The way the hospice benefit allows us to address all the needs – not only medical needs – of our patients is an inspirational way to practice nursing, and something I wanted to be a part of.

Passions: I am passionate about my family. I enjoy spending time in nature and singing, but I love to dance (salsa, swing, middle eastern, ballroom).

Desert island album: Graceland by Paul Simon is my favorite album, but Billie Holliday is my favorite artist.

Little known fact: My first degree was in natural resources planning and interpretation, and before I started nursing school, I worked with local nonprofits doing field monitoring, planning, and operations.

Favorite food: I love all different cuisines, but if I had to choose one, it would be Mexican food.

More about me: I did a lot of traveling when I was younger: I spent 3 months in South East Asia on a religious studies course during college. After graduation, I spent five months traveling in South America, where I volunteered at an animal refuge for wild jungle cats in Bolivia, and also visited Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia.

On my bucket list: I’d like to see the Northern Lights.



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