Rowena Ladinez, RN, BSN

Grew up: I was born in Pangasinan, in the northern part of the Philippines. 

Joined Mission Hospice: December 2015

What led me to Mission Hospice:  I heard a lot of positive feedback about the organization. I love working with the people, the sincerity, flexibility of schedules, work agendas, meeting new people, and the significance of helping families with their goals of care.

Mission Hospice in three words: Compassion, Commitment, Credibility

Reading right now:  Lost Connections by Johann Hari

Favorite food: I like all Filipino foods.

Little known fact about you: I am not a big fan of clutter. I would rather stay home and clean than go out and shop.

Favorite movie: I am into classic films like Titanic and Forrest Gump.

On my bucket list: First on my list is to go to Italy, Hawaii, and Dubai. I’d also like to go zip-lining with my family.