Elle James, RN, BSN, CHM

May 2015

Three of our newest RNs – Elle James (right), Phyllis Palmer (left), and Shelly Taylor (center) – have many years combined experience in hospice care at larger organizations. They all say they’ve never been a part of care like ours.

Each was immediately attracted to our personalized, responsive model of care. “I’d heard so many great things about this place from other staff who came here,” said Elle. “Mission Hospice is unique because it’s really patient-centric.”

Shelley Taylor is the first nurse many patients speak with on the phone. As our Intake Nurse Coordinator, she explains our hospice program to patients, families, and medical professionals, and gathers the information needed to admit patients.

Having spent her career in home health and hospice, including time as a manager in large organizations, Shelley loves that Mission Hospice puts the patient first. “What we do for patients is incredible. If they need something, they get it. They get care even if they have no insurance. This is what care should look like.”

She knows that patients and families appreciate this too. “We get almost a quarter of our patients through personal referral,” she said. “That’s incredible. It means we’re doing something right.”

Once a patient has been admitted, Phyllis Palmer, our RN Triage Coordinator, is a key resource. When a patient or family member calls with questions, she’s the one with answers – assessing needs over the phone and arranging nursing visits to help.

Phyllis is just the person you want answering those phone calls. Before she came to Mission Hospice, she worked as a nurse case manager. “I know how hard it is for the nurses – they really care about their patients. I do whatever I can to make it easier for them.”

She also has personal experience with hospice. “I know what it’s like to be the family member – these people are going through so much. I can leverage my own personal experience together with my background as a hospice nurse.”

The most recent of the three to join Mission Hospice, Elle James became our Hospice Clinical Manager in early 2015. She is the hub for our hospice teams – nurses, social workers, chaplains, and others – serving as “the point person for problem-solving.”

With extensive experience in hospice and palliative care, Elle knows that sometimes nurses in the field need backup. Together with our Medical Directors, Elle provides that help. She is a resource to all of the staff, as well as for the patients and families. “Everyone here believes in keeping the focus on patient care,” she says. “This is the real deal.”

Though these three are still fairly new to our organization, it’s clear that they all feel that they’ve found a home here, where they can act upon their passion for helping patients and families. “Mission Hospice has really brought a good group of people together,” said Elle. “I love working here.”