Carol Daly

Grew up: Longview, Washington

After that: I lived on the East Coast for 10 years, getting my undergraduate and graduate (MBA) degrees from Ivy League schools before I took a job with IBM in California to be closer to my family.

Joined Mission Hospice: November 2013

How I came to Mission Hospice: After 30 years in the Tech industry and the sudden death of my husband of 22 years, I was ready for a change. I wanted to be closer to “people”, making a difference in human lives. I stumbled on Mission Hospice by accident, through a recruiter who was working with a Mission Hospice executive.

Mission Hospice in three words: Heart, Presence, and Respect

Reading: The 8th book in the Outlander series

Passions and hobbies: My family, my new grandson, and choral music. I’m on the Board of Schola Cantorum, a nonprofit choral group based in Mountain View and Palo Alto.

Desert island album: My iPod

Little known fact:  I come from a large Irish Catholic family who immigrated after the famine in the late 1800’s, farmed in Wisconsin for a number of years, and then moved to Seattle, where I was born two generations later. 

Among the Wisconsin “farm boys” was my grandmother’s older brother, who became Fr. Solanus Casey, a humble and holy man who ministered to the poor in Detroit and New York and who last year was declared “Blessed” by the Pope. 

He is now “Blessed Solanus Casey” and is one miracle away from Sainthood.  Along with 250 other family members and 40,000 of the public, I attended the Beatification ceremony (in the photo) in Detroit, which was the most humbling and impactful experience of my life.


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