Michael Christman

Grew up: San Francisco – I’m the second youngest of eight kids and a fourth generation San Franciscan

Joined Mission Hospice: July 2018

What led me to hospice work: I joined my first hospice in 2003 after being laid off due to a merger in the banking industry. I wanted to work for a nonprofit and contribute to a worthy cause.

Mission Hospice in three words: Compassionate, dedicated, and caring

Passions: My dogs, Pine and Lola. I also collect wine and enjoy working on my ranch in Rough and Ready, California

Reading: Calypso by David Sedaris

Favorite food: Homemade chicken and dumplings

Desert island album: Judy Garland in Person at Carnegie Hall

Favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz

On my bucket list: Travelling across the United States in a motor home

Little known fact: I made the headlines of the SF Chronicle & Examiner in February 1963. When I was an infant, my parents were remodeling the Victorian house where I grew up.  My mom put me down in the hallway while she worked and my other brothers and sister were playing outside. My mom checked on me every few minutes, and though she thought I was sleeping, she picked me up and I wasn’t breathing.  There was no phone in the house, so she ran with me across the street to the church. Someone called an ambulance, and the priest gave me my last rites. The ambulance sped off to SF General, and en route the ambulance tech noticed something in my airway.  He held me upside down and pulled a 1.5” wood screw out.  That and some CPR saved my life. 

And that’s how I got on the front page of the newspaper.


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