Renshin Bunce, MDiv

Grew up: I was born in Marin and raised in Pasadena.

Joined Mission Hospice: May 2016; bRenshin Bunceefore that, I was with another local hospice for six years.

What led me to hospice work: Most of the work for chaplains is in hospice. For me, this meant realizing two goals: finding work in a way that made me helpful, and finding a way that I could become familiar with death as a preparation for the time when it would come for me.

Hobbies: For the last seven years, I’ve been able to travel to Europe, to Asia, and in America. 

More about me: “Renshin” is a part of the name my teacher gave me when I ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest. It means “Lotus Heart/Mind.”  The other part of my name is “Jiko” which means “Boundless Compassion.”



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