Tomas Bayou, MDiv

Tomas on horsebackGrew up: I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Joined Mission Hospice: Feburary 2018

What led me to Mission Hospice: I had been working at a hospice in Colorado; when I moved to the Bay Area, I wanted to work for a nonprofit hospice. I was also attracted to the fact that Mission Hospice has deep roots in the community.

Mission Hospice in three words: Caring – Rooted – Authentic

Passions: Social and environmental justice. I enjoy urban walking, gardening, reading, and listening to books.

Reading: I have many books open at present. I’m listening to The Untethered Soul, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Stranger in a Stranger Land. And I’m re-reading Migritude by Shailha Patel.

Desert island album: anything by Fela Kuti

Little known fact: I moved to the US alone at age 16, with $50 to my name

Favorite food: Soba noodles, Ethiopian food, and breakfast burritos

Favorite movie: Seabiscuit

On my bucket list: 10 days horseback riding in east Africa; finding a spiritual leader of the Oromo tribe in Ethiopia; seeing and hiking to the highest point of each state in US; writing a book


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