My Mission Hospice volunteer – a special friend

by patient Morningstar, South San Francisco, June 2019

My name is Morningstar. I’m legally blind with many health issues. The two best friends I’ve had in California have both passed on, and I was left feeling quite lonely in my old age.

Lillian and MorningstarYou sent me Lillian as a volunteer, and I’ve gained a special and valuable friend. She’s absolutely wonderful. She helps me pick up my prescriptions; takes me to doctor appointments; does research on the internet for me; and other errands.

Whenever I’m down, we just sit and talk. I’m no longer lonely and look forward to her weekly visits. I just thought you should know what a big difference she has made in my life.

If there’s any special award you give to your volunteers, she is worthy of it.

Thank you Mission Hospice for sending her to me. She’s a special lady who volunteers her special time to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!