Counting my blessings – and my Mission Hospice friends

by patient Dorothy Zambrano, Palo Alto, June 2018

Dorothy and AldisSome time ago, my son and I received a phone call from a young man named Aldis. All he wanted to do is visit and talk.

This turned out for me to be a relaxed and very interesting time. With his iPhone, Aldis took me all over the world. That relaxed me and helped me to be happy. I am in hospice and alone most of the time. And I look forward to my visits.

Aldis has helped me on days I was really sick. One day reading, or the other days trips on his iPhone. This has pulled me through very bad days. I have heart problems and doctors can’t help me anymore except pills. And Aldis is helping me relax. No pills – just good old fashioned friendship every week.

I told him I wanted to live to see my great-grandchildren be born. And yes, I made it! One in November and one in January. They are beautiful and happy, and I made it to see them. Amazing! A young man wanting to help me, and it worked.

DorothyI hope I can find something as helpful to him for his life. As long as I live, he will be my best friend forever. My Mission Hospice friends grew, and I am so pleased with all of them. My pain leaves me when they’re here. And my pain today is with me, because I’m alone and a storm is on the way. Through good days and sick days, all the hospice people have helped.

I’m trying to figure out how many have come to see me – I’ve lost count. They all help me in different ways and it all helps me. Love can do that. I am so very thankful for all the help. I loved every moment. Love does wonderful things.