Leadership Circles

Our Leadership Circles recognize our most generous donors – individuals who support our exceptional end-of-life care and education, and help us serve people regardless of their medical coverage or ability to pay.

These leadership gifts help Mission Hospice continue to meet the growing needs of our community – as more people choose the comfort and dignity of hospice care.

Many thanks to our 2021 Leadership Circles donors:

$100,000+ | Lotus Circle
Peninsula Health Care District
Ronald and Ann Williams Charitable Foundation

$50,000-$99,999 | Founders Circle
The Khachaturian Foundation

$10,000-$49,999 | Guardians Circle
Bay Area Crematory
Adrian and Penny Bellamy
Inger Bischofberger
Glenda Carney
Estate of Marilyn M. Cox Administrative Trust
Dennis Dean Farrey
Reed Gardner
The Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
Florence and Steven Goldby
The Harris Family Charitable Gift Fund
Ralph and Margaret Ho
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Jeffrey and Cheryl Hylton
Deborah Justice
Adda Quinn
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Roe
Robert Sawyer
Mary Alice Scott
Sequoia Healthcare District
Stanford Health Care
Sutter Bay Hospitals
Willy Werby
Woodlawn Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 | Stewards Circle
Peggy Andrews and Norm Brod
Lyne Aye
Kathryn and Richard Breaux
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation
David and Lisa Burris
Larry and Juana Carter
City of Foster City
Crosby-N. Gray & Company
Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation
Judy and Andy DiPaolo
John and Alison Draper
John Elerding
Loriana Hatch
Kaisa Hollmen
Bob Huie Medical
Kate Jamentz and Family
Sue Kensill
Kerns Fine Jewelry
Helen Kim
Barbara Klein
Mike and Leah McKibbin
Dolores Miller
The Mills-Peninsula Medical Group
Bernie and Ria Mulvaney
John and Clare Ellen Nash
Amy Newman and Brent Noorda
Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group
Andy and Courtney Kingston Pflaum
Gordon Ray
Joanne Rovno
Sammut Family Foundation and Artichoke Joe's
Sandhya's Touch
Brad and Alys Smith and Family
David Taft
Florence Thom
Yu-Ting Wang
Dr. Stephen and Nancy Weller
Jim and Lia Whitehead
Yang-Chevsky Family Fund

$2,500-$4,999 | Patrons Circle
Dr. Paul and Mildred Berg
Law Office of Sally Bergman
Neel Bhatia
Jill Blair and Fay Twersky
Cathryn Chinn and Steve Holoien
Diane and Charlie Mason
The Corrigan-Walla Foundation
Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP
John and Yoli Crosby
Lois Crotty
Lisa and Bruce Deal
Duggan's Serra Mortuary
Stephen and Abbie Fick
Joseph and Helen Galligan
Jeff Gerard and Kerry Shanahan
Skip and Joanne Green
Hannelore Hearst
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Bruce and Pat Hraba
David and Annette Hsu
Alex Ignacio
Bob and Marissa Kagle
Catherine and Tom Maloney
Stephen Martin
Alejandro Martinez
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Paul and Barbara Regan
Ann and Bill Regan
Andrea Reid
Laura Sanchez
Roberta Smith
Carol and Curt Terwilliger
David and Ann Thrasher
Norm and Joyce Weil
G. W. Williams Foundation
Michael and Sharon Winston
World Wings International
Sheila Young and Dr. James Linehan

$1,000-$2,499 | Benefactors Circle
Jan Lyons Abrams
Diane Adams
Harvey Allen
Dr. Edward Anders
John Antoun
Doug Axelrod and Jill Matosich
Terri Bailard
Charlie Balquist and Stephanie Mackey
Bartz Marr Family Foundation
Dr. Edward Battistini
Keith and Carmen Battistini
Keith and Sandy Bautista
Bella Family
Lewann Belletto
Christopher Berg
Dr. Jack Bernstein and Joann Ames
Phyllis and Andrew Berwick
Margaret Bierman
Frances Freyberg Blackburn
Jordan and Judy Bloom
Joan Bodenlos
Julie and Jeff Brody
Brotherton Family
Leslie Carney
Kim Carney
Janice Chen
Mary Chigos, RN, NP
The Andrew and Renee Choi Charitable Fund
Michael Cohn
R. Frank Coltart, Jr.
Dan and Linda Cooperman
Alison Cormack
Dr. Lawrence and Kay Coskey
Maria Costa
Bette and Kirk Cruikshank
Maryann and Bob Cutone
Patricia Dale
Mike and Ellen Dambrosio
Elizabeth and Juan Davila
Norma Del Rio
Carrie and Joel Denman
Pat and Mavis Dianda
Mrs. Joyce Dineen
Dineen Family
William Draper III and Phyllis Draper Fund
James Drew
Ellen and Stanley Dudley
Sandy Duffy
Marsha Eddleman and Steve Teraoka
Curtis Elsbernd
Mrs. Rick Elwood
Gayle Etienne
Cathy Feehan
Pam Ferris
Gayle Flanagan
Susan Freyberg
Maggie Freydoz
George and Eva Fulvio
Tad Furutsuki
Ann and John Fyfe
Sue Garfield and Joe Kirkup
Kevin and Robin Gilmore
Paul and Jacquie Goddard
Goodnow Family
Leslie and Kenneth Greenberg
Deborah Griffith
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation
Houghton Family
Tom and Wende Hutton
Michele and Lisa Iacovone
YourCause IBM
Italian American Women's Guild
Nuriet Jacobs
Barbara Keefer
Marjorie Kerler
Kirkorian Family Foundation
The Krause Foundation
Carol Krieger
Susan Kurpius
Karen Latina
Martha Leisure
Mark Lewis
Curt Luck
Danette Magilligan
Dianne Mahan
Alex and Nancy Malaspina
James and Victoria Maroulis
Patricia Marriott and Leonard Yool
Roberta Martin
Robin and Tom May
Menlo Park Live Oak Lions Club
Paul and Ethel Meyer
Marvin and Carolyn Miller
John and Arlette Monfredini Foundation
Jo Anne Nakagawa
Nadine Nakazawa
Emily Naunheim
Dorothea Nawas
Kathleen Nygard
Carol Ohm
Toni Perazzo
Georgene Petri
William Pflaum
Shari Phoenix
David Pollitt
Kelsey Porter and Derrik Shirley
Marilyn Porto
Pat Pulvirenti
Maria Elena Ratinoff
Gene Richard
Bill and Susan Rinne Miklos
Rita Robinson
Katherine Roselli
Lauren and John Salvo
Steve and Meritt Sawyer
Ron Schmidt
Craig Schroeder
Florette Schwartz
John and Reva Segall
Robert and Katherine Sharp
Susan Shea
Lisa and Steve Shirley
Sharon Shiu
Marilyn Smith
Gary and Nancy Steele
Scott Stingel and Kathryn Ann Wong
Dan and Beverly Stowell
L. James Strand
Mojdeh Talebian
Richard Taylor and Barbara Folger
Jennifer Tejada and Michael Firmin
Kent and Jeanine TeKrony
Michael Tennefoss
Teraoka & Partners LLP
George and Sheila Tichy
Coleen Travers
Mohit Trikha
Judith Wasserman
Pam and Peter Wellin
Thomas Werbe
Ian Williams
Ed and Kristen Willig
Michael and Bebelu Wishart
Caroline Wood
Dr. Irvin Yalom
Rachel Youmans
Zhi Yin Vocal Music Center